i’m rly doin it

photo: @carofaye.photo

L A T E S T    D R O P :

phogen is my blanket creative alias. production, visuals, cd, etc. here’s my soundcloud:

phogen on spotify:

my fade ego is fr@t rapster elite yung juul.  ride w the yungest collective:

my DJ collective, Booth:


phogen’s friends:

jiro the kid // Terrapin // Joseph Jawn // MiX’D MiLLENiAL

Chris Hogan // save // BCruz // Just K!DD!NG // June Kim

Nomás // BIOS // wavey // MC4D // baucier // max fuster

Westt // Passenger James // Yung Latino // Rhymefest

ctyzn  //  ClipsOfSour  // karoak // yung b!tch // Rain or Shine

The Clach Cult // carofaye photography // Jacob’s Well Mastering

YVES // slee p // barry hendrixx // forty-two aisles  // ashe

team 128

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