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pjo is phogen (/faux-jen/), a producer, engineer, dj, director, editor, and tingle enthusiast who loves making shit. pj has performed in concert with Cash Cash, Rhymefest, Raury, Zion I, Felly, Topaz Jones, Lost Kings, Betty Who, Hot Dub Time Machine, and MiX’D MiLLENiAL. he’s also the lead guitarist in Fake Nudes.

“stop xans, stay wonderful”

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hailing from the mushroom capital of the world, a quiet town outside philly, phogen started teaching himself to chef beats in Ableton Live the summer of ’13 and began chilling with local rappers/entrepreneurs soon after. from ’14 to ’15 he hosted a weekly kickback “freestyle fridays” after school, bringing together singers, rappers, and producers within the community and gaining local recognition for his beats and DJ sets. after graduating first in his class, phogen left to attend Dartmouth College where he quickly became a known campus DJ, continuing to co-found booth, a DJ and event promo company. ’17 saw the production and release of Hail to the Chef with fellow student and rapper Jiro the Kid to campus acclaim. he is currently studying engineering and music while managing Brittrax Studios and actively promoting a new, exciting live music community in sleepy Hanover, NH.


I V Y      L E A G U E      W O R K      E T H I C








photos: @carofaye.photo


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